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Welcome to my studio!
My studio located in the front part of our newly renovated 1880’s vintage house, just outside of downtown Columbus Ohio.
Making jewelry is more than a job for me. It is really a way of life. I've been crafting things since I was a little girl in Japan. Making paper flowers, felted dolls and clothing. I started making beaded jewelry about 20 years ago. Took classes at Columbus Cultural Art Center for polymer clay, copper enameling and jewelry making.
I run my Etsy shop since 2007. And since 2008, I latterly eats, breaths and sleeps with my shop! (latterly, because sometime I dream about design or making jewelry in my sleep!) I design & make all my jewelry and pack finished pieces myself and walk to post office to ship them out.
I mainly do made-to-order because I love to work on the pieces while thinking about customer who order the piece. Put the intention & set the vibration!
if you like to order custom jewelry with me, please email;