Blue Moon Earrings, Torch Fired Enamel Earrings, long Rustic ear wire, Moon Jewelry, Enamel Jewelry - made to order

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"once in the blue moon!"
but did you know we actually having blue moon January & March in 2018!? all that extra moon energy made me design this earrings!

*blue moon charm - from 1/2" copper disc, hammered and torch fired enamel on the front leaving bare copper on the back. tumble to polish.

*sterling silver ear wire - long & rustic! about 2". lightly hammered and waved.

~the blue blood moon has an incredible amount of spiritual energy, and it shines this energized light upon all people in the world. Thus, a moon like this is a perfect opportunity for emotional healing, since it provides people with the energy they need to change or release the emotions inside of them.

so look in deep... see what is there that you didn't know all this time. this is time to look inward to bring hidden emotions or troubles to the surface and finally face them. observe and let go... trust your self, trust the universe. these blue moon earrings would navigate you through your emotional roller coaster ride!

*please note that this listing is for made to order and takes about 10 days before shipping*